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Company profile

Established in 2019, OZ Commercial Maintenance Services Pty Ltd has grown to become a leading landscape maintenance contractor with a proven track record of providing quality work. We are mainly focused on commercial sites including Strata Housing, Commercial sites including shop fronts, factories, and Fuel stations.

OZ commercial is a result-oriented company, experienced and innovative. We believe in working together with our clients, consultants, suppliers, and sub–contractors to achieve the best results possible and to get the job done on time, every time.

OZ waterwise

We offer professional landscaping services that include maintenance, repairs, and consultation for a variety of needs. Our skilled team is committed to delivering exceptional results and personalised solutions for your outdoor space.

Our Waterwise irrigation services prioritise efficiency and sustainability. We offer comprehensive check and reporting controller setting and battery replacement, and through sprinkler operation checks. Our team of skilled professionals focuses on sprinkler overlapping and replacement of. up to 5 broken sprinkler bodies with nozzles, ensuring maximum efficiency for your irrigation system,